Certified Residential Energy Rating


 Benefits of Ratings to Builders

  • Tap the Growing Market Trend Toward More Energy Efficient Homes
    Across the nation there is a growing consumer demand for high performance, energy efficient homes. This growing market demand is best illustrated by the fact that in 2002, 3% of all new homes built met the ENERGY STAR Homes standard.

    Another illustration of the potential market power of homes that are rated to be energy efficient is a consumer survey completed by Pulte Homes in Tucson, Arizona. The Pulte study found that 88% of the consumers who purchased Pulte ENERGY STAR Homes listed the energy features of the home as important in their decision making. Click on Pulte Homes Market Survey.

  • Differentiate Your Product Through Marketing of Energy Efficient Features
    A home energy rating provides proof for a builder to demonstrate the energy efficiency of the home through an independent on-site inspection by a qualified building performance professional - a home energy rater. The energy efficient builder can differentiate his homes in the market place through this verification.
  • Increase Consumers Buying Power
    An energy efficient mortgage increases the buying power of consumers purchasing an energy efficient home by crediting the home’s energy savings in the loan qualification process and the home’s appraised value. This not only increases the number of families able to afford a home but also allows consumers to afford more of a home. A home energy rating is the key that unlocks the access to an energy efficient mortgage.
  • Demonstrate Good Corporate Citizenship by Enhancing the Quality of the Environment and National Security
    Responsible builders are perceived as responsible corporate citizens in their community. The energy we use in our homes is responsible for a large portion of pollution caused in this nation. In addition, the large amount of oil imported to our nation from the volatile Middle East raises serious national security concerns. An energy efficient home reduces pollution and the demand for imported oil. Builders demonstrate their corporate responsibility by building and marketing energy efficient homes.

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