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Beware of Scam "Energy Audits"

07/14/2011 19:44

Be careful out there!  There are scam artists that promise free energy audits.  Some of these people want to sell you services that you may not need need.  Some are just plain crooks.  Read the news stories below for examples.

When choosing an auditor, make sure they work for you.  Don't hire someone who has a business doing contracting work to make your home more efficient.  Don't hire someone who has a business selling you stuff.  Look for an INDEPENDENT, CERTIFIED auditor like Home Energy Science.  Hire someone you can trust, someone who works for you!


Beware a twist on 'free energy audit' pitches: Unlicensed contractors hide behind names of licensed firms

By Ivan Penn, Times Staff Writer
In Print: Sunday, May 22, 2011


Home improvement dealer draws more complaints

By MARK DOUGLAS | News Channel 8





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