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 My energy bill is in half!!!!

I just got my new  bill and it is cut in half!!!   How exciting is that?   ...   Thanks again for making this happen.

M.O. Manvel, ND


Wanted to tell you

...my utility bill was even lower this month than it was last month, which is amazing.  In the winter,  my utility bill is usually over $200 for several months, and it was $155 last month and now it was $133 this month.  I don't know what is going on, but I like it!

I look forward to my utility bills just so I can see how low it is!

T.K. Grand Forks, ND


Received the reports

Thank you very much for the service, I found it quite beneficial and saved me money on unnecessary replacement of windows or doors.

J.M. Mayville, ND




Unsolicited testimonials from Home Energy Science customers after applying recommended improvements to their homes.  References available upon request.






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